s of march 20, 1998, a change in Mexican legislation enables dual citizenship.

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The apostille of a document is its legalization for the Mexican Government 
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Any person who naturalized citizen of another country before 1998, must obtain a Declaration of Mexican citizenship, within the stipulated time limit, which is before March 20th, 2003.

For those Mexicans who naturalized after 1998, it is not necessary to obtain this document, as their Mexican citizenship was preserved at the time of naturalization.

Mexicans born outside of Mexico and under the age of 18 will obtain their Mexican Citizenship with their Birth Registration. To learn about registering a minor's birth, click here.

If you naturalized citizen of another country before 1998 and are over 18 years of age, the requirements to obtain your Declaration of Mexican citizenship are as follows:

Fill out the application available at the Consulate.
Original document that establishes the naturalization as a citizen of a foreign country, which can be your foreign passport, Voter's Card or Certificate of Naturalization,\.
If you are a female and your document has your husband's (or ex-husband's) last name, you will also be required to present the marriage or divorce certificate with an apostille
Original Birth Certificate and a photocopy of the complete document, which can be
Issued in Mexico by the Civil Registrar of Vital Records, stating the nationalities of both parents, or
Issued by any Mexican Consulate
Copy of the Mexican Birth certificate, duly inspected (certified) by any Mexican Consulate, or
Certified Copy of the Foreign Birth Certificate, with an apostille, notarized official translation and an apostille of the translation
Certified Copy of the insertion of a foreign Birth Certificate in the Civil Registrar's Archive of Vital Records in Mexico
Note: If you were born abroad, additionally, you must submit a certified copy of your Mexican parent's Birth certificate, or the original of the Declaration of Mexican Citizenship or certificate of Naturalization of your Mexican-naturalized parents, and one photocopy.
Original unexpired identification and two copies. This ID must be either issued and stamped by an official Mexican authority and containing a photograph of its holder, or issued by the Federal Government of a foreign country, stamped and with photograph. Among such acceptable forms of identification are: 
          From Mexico:
Diplomatic, official or regular passport
Consular ID 
Photo IDs by public institutions 
Military Service Carnet (SMN "cartilla")
Certificate of completion of studies
School ID, with a stamp from one of the following Institutions: SEP, UNAM or INEA, or an officially recognized institution
Citizen identity Card (with photograph)
Professional title or diploma, issued by an  officially recognized institution 
Voter's Card, issued by IFE
Driver's License
Letter of Good Conduct
Certificate of Vicinity
Certificate of non-criminal record
For more examples of acceptable ID's, click here.

Four passport size color photographs, with a white background, with unobstructed forehead and ears and without eyeglasses. (the Consulate General also offers photography service)
Payment of Consular Fee
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No one outside of this Consulate is authorized to file for you or intervene in the process. 

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