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In order to better serve you, please use the e-mail addresses for the Consular Department which issues the Document or provides the service you need.

In each Information  page you will find the name of its Department along the bar on the left.

José Evaristo Ramón Xilotl Ramírez
Consul General

Cónsul Gustavo Huerta

212 217 6400

212 217 6413
Fax number for Documentation (Mexican Nationals)

212 217 6438
Fax number for Documentation (Foreign Nationals)

212 217 6493
Consul General's and Deputy Consul's fax line

Consul José Antonio Larios
Legal Aid for Mexican Nationals

Consul Gerardo Gerrero
Judiciary Matters

Consul Georgina Curiel
Documentation for Other Nationalities

Consul Norma Edith Aguilar Andrade
Documentation for Mexicans

Consul Edgar Trujillo
Press Office

Consul Gaspar Orozco
Community Programs

Consul Irma Oliva Larios Alzua
Mexican Cultural Institute

Consul Maki Teramoto
Institutional Liaison


Ofelia Balderas / Samantha Vazquez
Civil Registrar

Guadalupe Maya
Notary Public

Julio César García Torres