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Tourist Visa (FMT)
Nonimmigrant Visa (FM3)
Nonimmigrant Business Visa (FM3)
Nonimmigrant Visa for Technical Specialists (FM3)Nonimmigrant Visa to Retire in Mexico (FM3)
Nonimmigrant Student Visa (FM3)
Other Nonimmigrant Visas (FM3)
Business Card for Business Visitors (up to 30 days)
Business Card for Canadian and US Citizens (FMN)Immigrant Visa (FM2)
Information on the requirements to get married in Mexico
Import of Household Goods into Mexico for Noncitizens
Powers of Attorney, Wills and other Notary Public Documents
Frequently Asked Questions on Mexican Visas and Mexico's Law
National Immigration Institute of Mexico
Special Cases: Includes US Refugees, Asylum Cases and Stateless Individuals

The Consulate General of Mexico in New York welcomes you to Mexico. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, on your first visit or as a frequent visitor, we hope that you will discover the magic of our country.

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Georgina Curiel and Gerardo Guerrero
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